It started with a simple idea:

Share the Vietnamese coffee experience

Our Origins

Hanoi Coffee Club was born from a love of coffee and travel. More than a beverage, coffee is a cultural phenomenon enjoyed in many ways around the world. The Vietnamese coffee experience, from the growing regions in the Central Highlands to the bustling streets and narrow alleyways of Hanoi, is one that has to be experienced.


Hanoi Coffee Club was established with one vision;  to  make the Vietnamese coffee experience more accessible to a global coffee market. 

Our Product

 While most Vietnamese coffee is Robusta in nature, there is an apparent shift in the Vietnamese coffee landscape towards producing high quality Arabica crops.  At Hanoi Coffee Club  our imported beans offer the best selection of  Arabica coffee Vietnam has to offer. The medium roast provides for a sweet, acidic cup with good body and fruity notes,  ensuring each sip is a flavourful taste of Vietnam's rich history and culture.

Our Source

All the coffee produced by Hanoi Coffee Club is sourced in the central highlands of Vietnam. The region is characterised by steep hills, narrow valleys, rich soil and ideal rainfall. Providing the perfect conditions for growing premium quality coffee.

Our Promise

The coffee supplied by Hanoi Coffee Club is sourced and produced in line with the requirements of  UTZ certification and Common Code for Coffee Community (4C).  Both promoting sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet.